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BJP initiates campaign for 2024 Lok Sabha elections with new slogan


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) officially kicked off its campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha Election with a new slogan, “Modi ko chunte hai” (Let us choose Prime Minister Narendra Modi). The launch took place in the presence of Prime Minister Modi, and the party president, JP Nadda, unveiled the theme song titled “Sapne Nahi Haqeeqat Bunte Hai” in a 2-minute, 10-second video.

During the campaign launch at the First Time Voters Conclave, NaMo Navmatdata Sammelan, a music video showcased how Prime Minister Modi has transformed the dreams and aspirations of millions of Indians into reality. The campaign song reflects on the challenging state of India before Modi’s leadership and emphasizes how he fulfilled promises and turned the dream of a developed nation into reality.

JP Nadda, addressing the NaMo Navmatdata Sammelan, expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for a historic event on January 22. He specifically mentioned the consecration of Ram Lalla, marking the end of a 500-year struggle. Nadda congratulated Modi on this significant achievement.

Highlighting the theme of ‘Saksham Bharat’, JP Nadda outlined Prime Minister Modi’s goal to build a self-reliant and developed India. He credited Modi’s visionary leadership for setting this ambitious objective and expressed confidence that India would soon achieve developed country status under Modi’s guidance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, virtually addressing the First Time Voters Conclave, underscored the strength of a ‘full majority government’. He stated that India’s glory now shines on the global stage, with 140 crore Indians representing the nation. Modi credited the resilience and strength of a government with a complete majority for India’s current standing.

Reflecting on the conditions in the country a decade ago, PM Modi acknowledged the bleak future India faced at that time. He contrasted the pessimism of the pre-2014 era with the positive developments seen today. Modi asserted that the circumstances have changed, and India is making significant strides in various sectors, emphasizing the transformation in the nation’s outlook.

Emphasizing the significance of each vote in a democracy, PM Modi urged young voters to actively participate in shaping India’s future. He connected with the youth, urging them to join the MY Bharat organization and share their views through the NaMo app, especially regarding the BJP’s resolution letter for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

In a separate post on social media, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended greetings on National Voters Day, encouraging people to register as voters and celebrating the vibrancy of Indian democracy.

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