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Google Launch New AI-Powered Chromebook Plus Laptop- $399


Google has unveiled its latest laptop series called Chromebook Plus, aimed at boosting productivity through AI-powered features. These new laptops start at $399 and will be available from October 8.

The Plus series marks Google’s renewed focus on developing high-performance laptops. While maintaining affordable pricing, Google packs these laptops with premium hardware and software capabilities.

Manufacturers and Models

The initial lineup of Plus laptops will be manufactured by Asus, Acer, HP and Lenovo. The devices will be available in both traditional clamshell and two-in-one detachable formats.

To qualify as a Chromebook Plus device, Google has set minimum hardware requirements including:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 12th Gen or higher, or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series or higher
  • RAM: Minimum 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB or more
  • Webcam: 1080p resolution or better with Temporal Noise Reduction
  • Display: Full HD IPS screen

AI-Powered Video Conferencing

Chromebook Plus laptops are designed with video conferencing enhancements powered by AI. A dedicated control panel allows easy access to mic and camera settings.

AI capabilities like background blur, noise cancellation, enhanced lighting and live captions aim to deliver polished video meeting experiences. Google Drive sync facilitates quick file access during video calls.

Google Photos Integration

Advanced Google Photos capabilities are being added to the Chromebook Plus series. This includes features like Magic Eraser, HDR, portrait blur and automatic highlight clip creation. Some of these features may be initially exclusive to Plus.

Software Partnerships and Subscriptions

Google is collaborating with Adobe and LumaTouch to provide creative software options on Chromebook Plus. New device buyers will get complimentary 3-month subscriptions to Adobe Photoshop and Express.

The laptops also come bundled with a 3-month GeForce NOW cloud gaming subscription from Nvidia.


Upcoming AI Capabilities

Google plans to bring more AI functionalities to the Chromebook Plus lineup over time. One upcoming addition is an AI writing assistant that can work across websites. AI-powered wallpaper generation based on user prompts is another feature in development.

Long-Term Software Support

Chromebooks are guaranteed software updates from Google for up to 10 years. This policy extends to older devices meeting the Chromebook Plus criteria, ensuring continued compatibility and support.

The launch lineup of Chromebook Plus laptops is priced starting at $399. Orders can be placed with the manufacturing partners from October 8. The devices will also be available in Europe and Canada the following day.

With its competitive pricing, focus on productivity through AI, and modern flagship-grade hardware, Google’s Chromebook Plus series aims to appeal to a wide spectrum of laptop buyers. The long-term software support provides peace of mind for customers investing in these new Chromebooks.

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