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How an AI-Generated Donald Trump song topped the iTunes rap chart


In an unexpected turn of events, a song featuring an AI-generated Donald Trump has managed to climb its way to the top of the iTunes rap chart. The track, aptly named “My mugshot is worth a billi’” climb its way to the No. 2 spot on the iTunes rap chart? This comes right after the former president faced 13 felony charges from a Fulton County grand jury. The song, titled ‘First Day Out,’ is a creation of Hi-Rez and was released just days after Trump made history as the first US president to have a mugshot. 

What’s striking about this song is the almost flawless digital imitation of Trump. Hi-Rez, in his rap, tries to portray what the former president might have felt like after being booked and subsequently released on bond. 

It’s important to note that this Georgia indictment is the fourth against Trump just this year. There have been multiple federal cases against him over his attempts to overturn the 2020 election in Washington, DC, as well as for alleged mishandling of classified documents in South Florida. Furthermore, Trump was indicted for supposedly falsifying business records to hide “hush money” paid to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 elections. It’s alleged that he did this to prevent Stormy from revealing an affair he supposedly had with the adult film star. So, what does the song actually say? 

The AI-generated voice in the song proclaims, “Out on bail, out on bail. I won’t see inside a cell,” and “Imma beat them RICO charges. And if I go to prison. You can’t do me like the Clintons. I’ll be laid up, eating steak with Secret Service chillin.’” 

The rap doesn’t shy away from mentioning the frenzy around the mugshot either. “These DA’s acting silly. My mugshot is worth a billi. Sold some merch and made a milli,” the rap states. 

The song also criticizes Democrats for the charges leveled against Trump. “Screaming ‘orange man bad!’ The whole world mad. Thug life, shout out all of my Maga-based Chads,” the AI-Donald voice goes. “Coming for the deep state. I will stop the New World Order. But before that I’ll finish walls at

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