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Jio Telecom bears gifts for users this festive season


Jio AirFiber, a wireless internet service, will be introduced by Reliance Jio today, September 19. This service, which is designed for both households and businesses, has remarkable speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps, making it perfect for tasks like lag-free video conferences, online gaming, and streaming high-definition video.

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, made the announcement during the 2023 Annual General Meeting on August 28. Jio AirFiber would be launched on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Jio AirFiber has parental controls, Wi-Fi 6 capability, and a built-in security firewall.

Over 200 million Indian households represent a significant untapped market that AirFiber plans to exploit. AirFiber is anticipated to be reasonably priced, with an estimated price of approximately 6,000; the introduction of a portable device unit may cause this price to be somewhat higher.

Jio AirFiber differentiates itself from Fiber by offering high-speed internet connectivity using 5G technology.

Jio AirFiber is a Fixed Wireless Access service

Jio AirFiber is a Fixed Wireless Access service that offers homes and businesses high-speed access of up to 1 Gbps. While retaining top-notch internet speed, it supports a variety of devices, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, smart TVs, and set-top boxes.

Jio AirFiber uses wireless signals to create direct connections between households and offices, as opposed to Fiber’s reliance on conventional fiber optic lines. This does away with the need for fiber connections and relies on direct line-of-sight to Jio towers. AirFiber delivers speeds up to 1.5 Gbps, which is faster than Fiber’s 1 Gbps speed. AirFiber’s real speed, however, might change depending on how far away from the nearest tower you are.

Jio AirFiber has a significant coverage advantage over Fiber since it is not constrained by physical infrastructure, like Fiber is. It is designed to be an easy-to-use plug-and-play solution.

For Indians, the holiday has great cultural and religious importance. As the god of learning, science, and the arts, Lord Ganesha is highly venerated. Before starting any new project or crucial activity, followers believe that asking for his blessings will assure success and remove obstacles. As a result, Ganesh Chaturthi acts as a powerful reminder of the value of knowledge and intelligence in life.

During the festival, exquisitely made clay statues of Lord Ganesha are placed in residences and public spaces. Flowers, fruits, sweets, and incense are used as tributes to these gods during religious ceremonies. There are elaborate prayers and devotional music being sung, which energizes the spiritual environment.

The festivities frequently stretch for 10 days and end with a large parade in which the idols are submerged in water to represent the cyclical cycle of life and death.

Due to the fact that it draws people from many backgrounds together in celebration, Ganesh Chaturthi promotes a sense of community and togetherness. Additionally, because artists use their talents to craft beautiful idols, it encourages artistic expression.

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