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JioMart scores Captain Cool as their Ambassador; Find out more


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a legend of Indian cricket, has been named a brand ambassador for JioMart by Reliance Retail.

“We found a perfect fit in MS Dhoni as our brand ambassador. His personality represents trust, reliability, and assurance, just like JioMart,” stated Sandeep Varaganti, CEO of JioMart. With our loved ones, our new ad encourages celebrating life and all of its great moments, with “shopping” playing a central role in the fun. Currently, non-metro areas make up around 60% of our total sales, which is evidence of steady development and a convincing demonstration of the success of our efforts to democratize digital shopping.

JioMart stands for JioUtsav campaign :

Mahendra Singh Dhoni stated, “As a local e-commerce firm, JioMart is driven by a goal to promote the digital retail revolution in India. I passionately connect and resound with the principles that JioMart stands for. JioMart’s JioUtsav campaign is a salute to the celebration of India and its people. India is recognized for its lively culture, people, and festivals. I’m quite eager to join JioMart and take part in the purchasing experiences of millions of Indians.

Jio campaign brings back Dhoni’s implication about giving the country more reasons to celebrate. In keeping with that, the cricketing icon will be featured in a 45-second video in which he shares all of his loved ones’ joyous occasions and celebrations.

“We found a perfect fit in MS Dhoni as our brand ambassador with his personality representing trust, reliability, and assurance just like JioMart,” stated Sandeep Varaganti, CEO of J.Mart. Our new campaign lends itself to celebrating life and all its special moments with our loved ones, ‘shopping’ being an integral part of this revelry. Non-metro regions currently account for around 60 percent of our overall sales, a sign of gradual growth and a true testament to the fruition of our efforts to democratise digital retail,” he added.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is well-known in Indian cricket for his effective management and leadership abilities. The former captain of the Indian cricket team, Dhoni, has also made significant investments in a variety of businesses, including those in the auto, sports, food, and beverage sectors. His most recent investment is in Garuda Aerospace, a manufacturer of drones.

Dhoni announced his retirement from the test format in December 2014, and he also gave up his captaincy for the T20 Internationals and ODIs in 2017. However, Dhoni retired from all international cricket competitions in August 2020. He continues to represent Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

MS Dhoni transitioned into a new profession by making investments in a number of businesses, including agriculture, clothes, and alcohol after quitting international cricket. This glorious portfolio is amped up by his brand ambassadorship with his role as JioMart’s brand ambassador another wonderful addition to new income streams he has opened for himself.

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