Home Politics Jordanian newspaper predicts Israel’s fall because of internal problems

Jordanian newspaper predicts Israel’s fall because of internal problems

Jordanian newspaper predicts Israel’s fall because of internal problems

A Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad has in its print edition featured a front-page editorial which predicts the fall of the state of Israel. In the article ‘What will be after Israel?’ written in non-native but intelligible Hebrew, the article said that while the whole world was talking about what would happen after Hamas in Gaza, no one was looking the other way and asking the same question about Israel, i.e. what will happen after Israel. It is predicted in the newspaper that Israel will implode and cease to remain even as a nation due to the pressure of its internal politics, economic, social and military problems.

According to The Times of Israel, the newspaper cites mostly incorrect economical and military data and expects total erosion of foreign support to adding that the families of the abducted people who were taken to Gaza are building pressure on the government. The Jordanian newspaper also reportedly hails the ‘Palestinian resistance’ by the Hamas and fails to condemn the brutal murder of 1,400 people mostly civilians on the 7th of October. It also predicts that with the fall of Israel, the American influence in the Middle East will come to an end.

According to Reuters, Jordan officially has not taken a stand with either Israel or Hamas and is keeping its options open in response to what it called Israel’s failure to discriminate between military and civilian targets in its bombardments and invasion of the Gaza strip. However, Jordan does seem to be leaning towards Palestine as it is a fellow Muslim Arab nation which sees Jews and Israel as an outsider and an oppressor.

Jordan’s Khasawneh told Reuters that Israel’s siege of the densely populated Gaza was not self-defence as it maintains. Jordan is reviewing its economic, security, and political ties with Israel and even looking at suspending further steps in implementing its peace treaty if the Gaza bloodshed gets much worse.  

Israel had launched an offensive against Gaza after a cross-border terrorist attack by Hamas on the 7th of October left over 1,400 mostly civilian Israelis and foreigners inside Israel dead and hundreds injured with over 240 taken hostage in the Gaza Strip. Israel has denied deliberately targeting civilian objects in heavily populated areas of the Gaza Strip, saying Hamas was using civilians as human shields, had dug tunnels under hospitals, and was using ambulances to transport its fighters.

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