Home Entertainment Man Dressed As Beggar Purchases iPhone 15 With Sack Of Coins, netizens react

Man Dressed As Beggar Purchases iPhone 15 With Sack Of Coins, netizens react

Man Dressed As Beggar Purchases iPhone 15 With Sack Of Coins, netizens react

In a viral video, a young-looking beggar can be seen pounding on the doors of iPhone stores in a busy Jodhpur street. The ragged man carrying a large sack is hesitantly allowed by one of the vendors. The footage also discloses that the contents of the sack were just chillhars (coins), exactly enough to exchange for an iPhone 15. The premium phone’s starting price for a 128 GB model is a stunning Rs 79,000.

Typically, it is assumed that would not have access to high-end smartphones and would not have expressed interest in doing so. The participants and watchers were equally surprised by what happened, though. Against all odds, the store owner surprisingly consented to accept a sack of coins and gave the ‘beggar’ who wanted to buy the phone an iPhone Pro Max. In a move that shattered stereotypes, store staff could be seen clearly counting the coins. The homeless youth is then given a brand-new iPhone 15, which he unboxes and shows off for the cameras. The reel, which claims to be a social experiment, was taken by an Instagram user who goes by the handle “experiment king.”

This risky experiment seeks to defy accepted social conventions and provoke thought about perception, empathy, and the cost of high-end technology.

Internet reacts

A staggering 34 million people have watched this viral video, which has elicited a range of responses from viewers. While some people were surprised to see a beggar appear to buy an expensive phone, others quickly pointed out that the incident was staged because the store’s Instagram account was prominently included in the video.

One person jokes, “Bhai mai bhi chala katora le k.”(Bro, Imma head out as well with a bowl).

Another questions if beggars should submit tax returns and whether they are genuinely wealthy.

‘Duniya ka sabse amir bhikari’ (the world’s richest beggar) remarks yet another user.

Several users noticed that the video, which appeared to be a sociological experiment, was staged.

Meanwhile, one man appropriately requests a deduction of 50 rupees for behaving out.

One user made fun of the cameraman who appeared to be “invisible,” and another user referred to him as Mr. India.

As the debate develops, it becomes clear that “Experiment King” has been successful in posing important issues regarding cultural attitudes, empathy, and the limits of cost in a world full of high-end technology.

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