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‘One Nation One election’ to happen soon? President receives proposal from panel


Talks have been going on for a long time regarding simultaneous elections all across the country and a new step has been taken in its development after a panel headed by ex-President Ram Nath Kovind submitted an 18,000 page report to the Indian President, Droupadi Murmu.

As per the record it has been recommended that the policy of ‘One Nation One Election’ be implemented from the 2029 Indian general elections. It is suggested in the report that it is a unanimous opinion based on suggestions from parties, experts and other stakeholders. The report also added that the central government must develop a legally tenable mechanism to restore the cycle of simultaneous elections.

Here are the top highlights from the ‘One Nation One Election’ report

1) After studying the legal and constitutional issues associated with simultaneous elections, the report suggested an alternative framework to make the elections possible. The panel also suggested making constitutional amendments to make the ‘One Nation One Election’ take place for the Lok Sabha, State Assemblies and local bodies in 2029.

2) Disruptions to governance from the application of model code of conduct and its adverse effect on the economy will be mitigated.

3) The panel also suggested that in the first run, the simultaneous elections of Lok Sabha and State Assemblies should be synchronised and then later the municipalities and panchayats will be held later in such a way that they are held within 100 days from the simultaneous elections. The committee also recommended adjusting the terms of legislative assemblies in three phases over the next five years.

4) According to the report, in the case of a hung House or no-confidence motion, fresh elections can be held for the remainder of the five-year tenure.

5) The panel recognised the importance of single electoral roll and single elector’s photo identity card and voter card for all elections to all three tiers of government, i.e, central government, state government and local bodies.

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