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Pratik Gandhi says he was ‘destined’ to play Mahatma Gandhi as he reunites with Hansal Mehta after Scam 1992


Actor Pratik Gandhi rose to fame after starring in Hansal Mehta’s show Scam 1992. However, the actor is reuniting with the filmmaker where the latter will play Mahatma Gandhi. Seeing Pratik Gandhi and Hansal Mehta coming together for another project, fans are quite a bit intrigued by this reunion. Speaking about the same, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Pratik Gandhi revealed the character was in his destiny.

Pratik Gandhi speaks about reuniting with Hansal Mehta

Speaking about working with him again, Pratik said, “I guess we share a very easy comforting relationship on set with each other. The way I know him, he doesn’t take any pressure from his past success or failure or whatever it is. He takes every project as a new story and let’s just give our best to tell that story and what he approaches. I also come from the same school of thought. I guess it works well for both of us.

Talks about playing Mahatma Gandhi in new project

He said, “I’ve been performing Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on stage for the last eight years now. And that too in the form of a monologue. Somewhere it was destined for me to be there.

Pratik Gandhi speaks about the effect of the Scam 1992

This is a natural cycle that happens with everybody and this is the sheer love of the audience that they want to see you in a certain way. If it is even a notch lower than what they want, they don’t like it because they have somewhere attached their selves to you. I take it that way and with any good bad ugly reaction of the audience. There is a lot to learn from me. The only thing that I have learned is from any comment, I have to understand how much to absorb and how much to let go off. Because otherwise, it’s difficult to keep sane and keep working,” the Khichdi 2 actor said,

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