Home Entertainment Shakira receives tribute with a towering 21.3-feet statue in her Colombian hometown

Shakira receives tribute with a towering 21.3-feet statue in her Colombian hometown

Shakira receives tribute with a towering 21.3-feet statue in her Colombian hometown

In her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia, a stunning 6.5m-tall bronze statue of the globally renowned singer Shakira has been erected. The unveiling ceremony was graced by herself, who took to Instagram to share a video and pictures of the majestic statue. The 46-year-old artist’s parents were captured posing proudly in front of the statue during the heartfelt occasion. The mayor of Barranquilla also attended the ceremony, underlining the significance of this artistic tribute to the city’s most celebrated daughter.

Shakira’s Instagram post not only showcased the visual splendor of the statue but also featured a picture of a plaque at the foot of the monument. This plaque serves as a testament to Shakira’s life and achievements, including her date of birth. It praises her for possessing “a voice that moves masses,” acknowledging her extraordinary vocal talents that have captivated audiences worldwide. Additionally, the plaque sheds light on philanthropic endeavors, specifically mentioning her foundation named “Pies descalzos” (which translates to “bare feet” in Spanish). This foundation focuses on promoting early childhood development, showcasing Shakira’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond her musical career.

The philanthropic aspect of Shakira’s life, as highlighted on the plaque, reflects her dedication to social causes. Her foundation, “Pies descalzos,” takes center stage in the narrative, emphasizing her efforts in contributing to early childhood development. This underscores Shakira’s commitment to using her influence and resources to address crucial societal issues.

The reactions from fans, as shared by on Instagram, offer a glimpse into the public’s sentiments. Fans expressed awe and admiration for the statue’s beauty, noting its resemblance to the iconic singer. One user, expressing enthusiasm, commented on the pride that parents must be feeling. These reactions underscore the emotional connection between Shakira and her fanbase, emphasizing the personal significance of the statue for both the artist and her admirers.

The comments from fans go beyond the visual appeal of the statue, delving into character and contributions. Fans lauded Shakira not only for her exceptional musical talents but also for her humanitarian efforts. The recognition of her dedication to her people and philanthropic work reinforces the positive image has cultivated beyond her music career. The comments reflect a deep appreciation for Shakira as both an artist and a compassionate human being.

Shakira’s global impact is further highlighted by references to her popular songs, such as “Waka Waka,” “Loca,” “Rabiosa,” and “She Wolf.” These songs have played a significant role in solidifying Shakira’s status as a musical icon. Additionally, the mention of her being among the most searched celebrities on Google in 2023 reinforces her enduring popularity and influence on a global scale.

The paragraph about Shakira’s song related to her ex-husband Gerard Pique adds a personal touch to the narrative. This information provides insight into artistic expression and how her music often draws from personal experiences. The mention of breaking YouTube records in Latin America signifies the continued success and relevance of her music, even in the contemporary digital landscape.

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