Home Entertainment Squid Game vs. Squid Game: Unveiling the Top 3 reasons behind its status as the most ‘Hate-watched’ series

Squid Game vs. Squid Game: Unveiling the Top 3 reasons behind its status as the most ‘Hate-watched’ series

Squid Game vs. Squid Game: Unveiling the Top 3 reasons behind its status as the most ‘Hate-watched’ series

Netflix surprised everyone by introducing a reality show based on the Emmy-winning Squid Game. The 2021 survival drama had captivated global audiences, transforming perceptions of Korean dramas. With its success, Netflix aimed to capitalize on the hype, bringing forth a new reality series titled “Squid Game: The Challenge.” The show’s arrival, complete with stylish green-and-white tracksuits, signaled a departure from the original series. While opinions on the reality adaptation varied, it became a binge-worthy spectacle that viewers couldn’t ignore.

The 2021 Squid Game series, directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, had left an indelible mark on the internet, sparking discussions, theories, and a surge in interest in Korean storytelling. The drama, with its mix of mystery, thriller, and terror, immersed viewers in a gripping narrative across nine episodes. However, instead of a direct sequel, the decision to turn it into a reality show stirred controversy, including concerns about potential medical issues. Despite this backlash, the reality version offered a substantial $4.56 million in prizes for the 456 participants, replicating the challenges from the original series.

Squid Game: The Challenge faced criticism for various reasons, making it a hate-watched series for some. One significant factor was its unpredictability. The show lacked a clear hierarchy, keeping viewers on edge with unexpected eliminations and surprising twists. This unpredictability, while frustrating for some, became a key reason for others to eagerly anticipate the second part of the series, scheduled for release in December.

Another aspect contributing to the show’s divisive reception was its intriguing transition from fiction to reality. By involving real people in challenges reminiscent of the fictional Squid Game, the series blurred the lines between entertainment and genuine competition. Critics argued that the judgment-makers’ decisions appeared questionable and out of touch, raising concerns about the ethical implications of turning a fictional death game into a reality show without the same level of social criticism.

Despite these criticisms, the series maintained a level of interest by tapping into the success of the original Squid Game. The association with the acclaimed drama became a double-edged sword, drawing viewers in with the promise of a continuation of the Squid Game universe. However, this connection also invited scrutiny, with accusations of the reality show merely riding on the coattails of its predecessor.

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