Home Entertainment Sunny Kaushal recalls Vicky Kaushal ‘lost his cool’ when someone slapped him

Sunny Kaushal recalls Vicky Kaushal ‘lost his cool’ when someone slapped him

Sunny Kaushal recalls Vicky Kaushal ‘lost his cool’ when someone slapped him

The dynamic Kaushal brothers, Sunny and Vicky, continue to captivate audiences with their stellar performances in Bollywood. They have each other’s back but like any siblings, they have also fought with each other during childhood. Sunny Kaushal recently got into an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble in a new show Men Z. He opened up about the kind of bond he shares with brother Vicky Kaushal and revealed a quality he would like to imbibe from him. He also opened up about how his father Sham Kaushal formed the definition of masculinity for them.

Sunny Kaushal on Sham Kaushal’s definition of masculinity

Sunny Kaushal’s dad Sham Kaushal is a renowned action director in Bollywood. Sunny shared how he has always taught him and Vicky to be vulnerable as action stems from certain emotions and toughness does not define masculinity. He shared, “So interestingly, he never preached that action is all about roughness and toughness. He always said even when we became actors and do some action sequence, always understand that it comes from an emotion. And emotion means vulnerability.”

Sunny Kaushal on bond with Vicky Kaushal

Talking about his bond with brother Vicky Kaushal, Sunny revealed how they are protective of each other. “So we have grown up seeing how our parents are with their siblings. When you grow up watching your parents you also explore your interpersonal relationship with your sibling. And it’s like over a while you know what works for you and what doesn’t. And yes we are very protective of each other coming to that and that nobody taught us. We just knew that if we have to be in a group and it’s just boys, we knew that we had to stick by each other. That comes very naturally that he would stand up for me I would stand up for him and that’s a very normal thing because you understand that okay at the at at the end of the day you’re one blood”

Recalling an incident, he shared, “Me and Vicky ended up having a heated argument while playing and he pushed me in a fit of rage. And I don’t know from where some other guy comes and he slapped me. After which Vicky lost his cool. That’s the kind of relationship we share. We would be at each other’s throat but to the outside world we still are.”

About a quality of Vicky he admires

Talking about a quality of Vicky he admires and would like to imbibe in him, the Mili actor stated, “I think he has a lot of patience. Growing up he was the one who would understand gravity of a situation and would kind of give it an action and then implement it in life. I was comparatively the naughtier and impulsive one.”

During the interview, The actor shared how his idea of manhood is influenced by the women in his life including his mother as well as Katrina Kaif now.

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