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Sushmita Sen reflects on her 8 year long career break


Sushmita Sen is all set to make a roaring comeback as Aarya Sareen in Aarya 3. The trailer of the web series was unveiled on 12th October and Sushmita’s fierce avatar blew our mind. With Aarya in 2020, Sushmita marked her comeback on screen after 8 years. Recently, she even featured in Taali which showcased her versatility with her portrayal of transgender. During the trailer launch of Aarya 3, Sushmita Sen shared how the industry which didn’t recognize her potential as an actress earlier, welcomed her with open arms.

Sushmita Sen on her talent not being recognized earlier

Sushmita did not get strong parts earlier and was reduced to only adding glamour in films. When she was asked about her thoughts on the same, she shared “We must complain about this. But I have not figured it out yet to whom I should complain about this”.

She further stated despite being away for 8 years, she was welcomed with open arms by the industry and audience. The Aarya 3 actress averred, “My biggest blessing in life is that, thinking maybe he or she or the whole industry has not given me that opportunity or they have not recognized my potential, is a very small thing. The big thing is that in 2024, I will be completing 30 years in this industry. I was 18 years old when I stood on the stage like this and my first meeting was with my people, my country, and my identity.  After 30 years, whatever I have done in life, my people have supported me.  It is such a big thing that despite being away from the industry for 8 years at the peak of my career, I still got accepted. That same industry welcomed me again with so much love.  Why?  Because my audience is amazing.  And until they want to see me, no one can do anything.

Sushmita on kind of roles she is looking forward to

Touting this phase as her second innings, Sushmita shared what kind of roles she is looking forward to. “When this second beginning happened in 2020, I became a newcomer. There is a very long list. I have to do a mature love story. I want to do a kick ass action film. Which no one has done yet. I want to play the worst, most dangerous antagonist you have ever seen. All that is in Arya season 3. So, this is all. It is a very long list. This is just the beginning. But this year I got to do two very good things. I am very grateful. And I hope this continues and allows me more work like that”, Sushmita said.

In the trailer of Aarya, Sushmita Sen roars loud as Tigress mommy and beats her nemesis blue and black to protect her kids. The third instalment is all set to stream from 3rd November on Disney+Hotstar.

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