Home Entertainment Taylor Swift crowned queen of 2023 VMAs, clinching Video of the Year

Taylor Swift crowned queen of 2023 VMAs, clinching Video of the Year

Taylor Swift crowned queen of 2023 VMAs, clinching Video of the Year

Taylor Swift’s dominance in the international music industry is undeniable. At the recent 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, she continued setting trends and breaking records. Here’s a closer look at her major wins of the night.

Iconic Wins for Taylor Swift

Often considered a fan favorite, Taylor Swift took home the most awards at the 2023 MTV VMAs. Garnering an impressive total of nine wins. The award categories ranged broadly from ‘Artist of the Year’ to ‘Best Pop.’ In addition to these, she won the highly coveted awards – ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Video of the Year.’

Experiencing the VMAs this year felt like the adventure of a lifetime. Midnights, my album that was announced a year ago at this platform, was largely recognized tonight. All I have to say tonight is a huge ‘Thank you.’

Creating History: Second-Most Awarded Artist At VMAs

Sweeping the awards for two consecutive years, Swift now holds the crown of the ‘second-most awarded artist’ in the history of the VMAs. Moreover, she shares the title for the ‘most wins in a single night’ further cementing her position in the music industry.

  • The top prize, ‘Video of the Year’, was awarded to Swift for the second time in a row for “All Too Well” (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version).
  • She also bagged the ‘Best Pop’ award, marking her 15th Moon Person trophy.

Swift fondly reminisced about her childhood when she received the award from the former band members of NSYNC, saying “I had your dolls. You’re pop personified.”

Recognition for ‘Song of The Year’ and ‘Best Direction’

Swift was also celebrated for her musical genius with the ‘Song of the Year’ award. Notably, she triumphed over incredibly popular tracks such as SZA’s “Kill Bill” and Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers.” She credited longtime producer and close friend Jack Antonoff for their successful collaboration “1989.”

This win commemorates our first collaboration together, ‘1989.’ Here’s to making music together until 2089!

Lastly, Swift secured her third award of the night in the ‘Best Direction’ category for “Anti-Hero,” marking her whopping 17th VMAs win.

  • This proclaimed her hat trick in the ‘Best Direction’ category after previous wins for “All Too Well: The Short Film” and “The Man.”

With her captivating music and overwhelming success, Taylor Swift continues to carry the torch for pop music on the international stage, enthralling fans and critics alike.


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