Home Entertainment Vikas Bahl reveals Kriti Sanon shot for action scenes in Ganapath without body double

Vikas Bahl reveals Kriti Sanon shot for action scenes in Ganapath without body double

Vikas Bahl reveals Kriti Sanon shot for action scenes in Ganapath without body double

Vikas Bahl directorial Ganapath A Hero Is Born starring Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon is releasing on 20th October. Tiger has won the title of action hero with his effortless chops. While watching Kriti Sanon do action in Ganapath trailer is definitely a delight. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble, director Vikas Bahl revealed how Kriti Snoin performed action sequences without body double. Excerpts:

Vikas Bahl on Kriti Sanon performing action in Ganapath

Talking about Kriti Sanon acing action scenes, the director shared how Kriti prepared for it. “The world we have created, almost everyone’s a fighter in that world.  And Kriti is one of the ace fighters in that world. She really amazed me how she went and learned the nunchuks in three months. We needed no VFX,  nothing for her scenes.  We hardly needed the action double or VFX for it. She did most of the action on her own and she learned how to ride the bike. And the most amazing thing was that most actors would never risk doing this action on their own because it’s very risky to use a nunchuck as it can hurt badly. But she did a phenomenal job”, shared Vikas.

Vikas Bahl on removing Part 1 from the Ganapath posters

When Ganapath was announced, it was touted as Part 1 confirming the film will have sequel. But later, it was removed. Citing the reason behind it, Vikas Bahl insisted, “There was no reason to remove it. It’s just that we gave the part one a name. We further asked the director if Part one’s success will decide the sequel, to which he admitted, “But you know, that’s always the case. I mean, you make a part one and its success will decide at what scale will you do part two. It is a reality, so I will not deny that.  But we want the audience to see this as Ganapath Part 1 which is title A Hero Is Born.”

On comparison of Bollywood VFX movies with Hollywood

Sharing his thoughts on Bollywood films and VFX quality being compared to Hollywood, the director said, “The reality is that our budgets are minuscule compared to the Hollywood. So, if they make something in 100 rupees, we have to make it in 5 rupees. Our attempt has to be how in those 5 rupees we still manage to give our audience as much delight. We work at much lesser budget because our audience is largely the Hindi belt audience. When they make a movie, their audience is the whole world, right?  So, there’s no comparison. Also, Hollywood started this VFX heavy film journey some 40 to 50 years back. We started recently, so it would be nice if people are generous to us.

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