Home Politics Why farmers are angry from Berlin to Delhi? Unveiling the common thread

Why farmers are angry from Berlin to Delhi? Unveiling the common thread

Why farmers are angry from Berlin to Delhi? Unveiling the common thread

The protests by farmers across various countries, including Germany, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Spain, signify a widespread concern regarding government policies affecting agriculture. In Germany, farmers rallied against cuts in agriculture subsidies, prompting the government to roll back some initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Similarly, in France, farmers protested against curbs on pesticide use and fuel subsidies, leading to policy reversals. The European Commission also adjusted its perspective to accommodate farmers’ concerns while setting emission reduction targets.

In India, farmers from agricultural regions are converging on Delhi with demands for legal assurance on the Minimum Support Price (MSP) and concerns about energy prices. The protests mirror those from two years ago when the government proposed laws facilitating private sector involvement in agriculture. However, the farmers’ resistance forced the government to withdraw the legislation. The primary demand remains a legal guarantee on MSP, ensuring fair prices for crops.

The states of Punjab and Haryana, often referred to as India’s breadbaskets, play a crucial role in the country’s agricultural output, particularly in rice and wheat cultivation. The majority of crops from these states are procured by the government, making a legal guarantee on MSP critical for farmers’ livelihoods. These states have benefited significantly from the Green Revolution but now face challenges due to shifting weather patterns and anti-pollution legislation.

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The protests in Delhi highlight the urgency felt by farmers, particularly those from Punjab and Haryana, for greater social security measures. Alongside MSP, they are demanding a pension for farmers over 60 years of age, reflecting concerns about their long-term well-being.

The protests in various countries, including India, underscore the importance of government policies that support agricultural communities. Farmers worldwide are advocating for fair prices, environmental sustainability, and social security measures to safeguard their livelihoods. These protests serve as a reminder of the critical role agriculture plays in global food security and the need for policies that prioritize the well-being of farmers.

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