Home Technology Zoom unveils AI-powered Zoom Docs, plan to launch it in 2024

Zoom unveils AI-powered Zoom Docs, plan to launch it in 2024

Zoom unveils AI-powered Zoom Docs, plan to launch it in 2024

At Zoomtopia 2023, Zoom unveiled Zoom Docs, an AI-infused modular workspace that aims to revolutionize team collaboration and work communication when it launches in 2024. With advanced AI capabilities integrated throughout, Docs promises to provide an all-in-one solution to enhance productivity and reinvent the future of work.

Overview of Zoom Docs

Docs is a dynamic new product that allows users to customize workspaces for different needs like brainstorming, documentation, wikis, task management and more.

Key features include:

  • Modular design for creating tailored work environments
  • Robust document creation features like simultaneous editing
  • Tight integration with Meetings and Team Chat
  • AI-powered summarization and auto-generation of content
  • Easy linking and cross-referencing between documents

Zoom states, Docs will integrate AI Companion to populate documents, provide meeting and chat summaries, and quickly generate new content.


Competition with Microsoft, Google and Slack

With Zoom Docs, it is positioning itself as a direct competitor to collaborative suites like Microsoft 365, Slack, and Google Workspace. Microsoft and Google have also introduced AI capabilities like Copilot and Duet AI into their respective suites.

It includes its AI Companion in its paid subscription plans, which begin at $149.90 per year per user, offering a cost-effective solution. In comparison, Microsoft charges an additional $30 per user per month for 365 Copilot, and Google follows a similar pricing model. Although hasn’t disclosed the precise pricing for Docs, it does provide one year of access to its “Essential Apps” as part of its paid subscriptions, further enhancing its value proposition.

This strategic move allows to differentiate itself as a cost-effective, AI-powered alternative for collaboration and communication.

Enhanced AI Capabilities

In addition to Zoom Docs, announced new AI abilities in Whiteboard, highlighting sectors like healthcare and education as target users.

The AI Companion in Whiteboard can quickly generate content and enable easy search within documents, boosting productivity. States this will lead to improved experiences for employees and customers.

Expanded Third-Party Integrations

Zoom is further expanding its ecosystem by announcing integrations with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Soon, It will also incorporate AI abilities like automated lobby chats and email generation for event managers using its platform.

The Road Ahead

With these innovative offerings, aims to completely redefine collaborative work while optimizing productivity.

CEO Eric Yuan stressed the importance of efficient collaboration tools for business success in the evolving workplace. Docs and other new AI-powered products signal Zoom’s commitment to shaping the future of work.

In summary, Zoom Docs marks a major strategic shift for beyond video conferencing, providing an integrated workplace to collaborate, communicate and manage projects. Its release in 2024 promises to revolutionize the way teams get work done.

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