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After the ‘Panauti’ jibe, Congress levels another ‘below the belt’ swipe at PM Modi


The Uttarakhand rescue operation at the Silkyara tunnel is nearing a breakthrough after 16 days, with trapped workers just 5 meters away from the rescue team. However, the Congress party made a controversial post on social media, taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This comes after Rahul Gandhi’s recent remark calling PM Modi “Panauti (bad luck)” at a political rally in Rajasthan’s Balotra, where he insinuated that India lost a match in Ahmedabad because PM Modi was in attendance.

The Congress party’s social media handle posted an image of PM Modi with a caption suggesting that cameras should be installed so that the Prime Minister could grace the occasion of the rescue breakthrough. This move is seen as another “below the belt” remark by the Congress party against the Prime Minister.

Just days before this incident, Rahul Gandhi had made a derogatory comment at a political rally, referring to PM Modi as “Panauti Modi,” implying that the Prime Minister brings bad luck. During the rally, he claimed that India lost a cricket match in Ahmedabad because PM Modi was present, and someone from the crowd shouted “panauti” (bad luck).

Prior to these comments, the Congress had criticized PM Modi for his Tejas fighter aircraft sortie, accusing him of being the “master of Chunavi photo-ops” and neglecting the efforts of governments before 2014. In response, BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia defended the Prime Minister’s flight in the Tejas, emphasizing that it was an indigenous product symbolizing the country’s pride. He also criticized the Congress for their alleged negligence towards the armed forces in the past.

Bhatia accused the Congress of harboring hatred for the Prime Minister and neglecting the welfare of the nation. He highlighted the contrast between the current government’s focus on indigenous products like the Tejas and the Congress government’s alleged preference for VVIP choppers over essential military equipment like bulletproof jackets.

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