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Ananya Panday reveals her ‘heartbreak playlist’ and it has a MASSIVE connection with Aditya Roy Kapur


After Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, Ananya Panday has been the talk of the town for the very right reasons. Apart from her work life, Ananya Panday is also spoken of for her rumoured relationship with Aditya Roy Kapur. The two spent a joyous vacation in London. And recently, they were also spotted together at the screening of Merry Christmas.

Ananya Panday got into an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble. She revealed exciting insights from her professional as well as personal life. Amid relationship rumours, Ananya Panday also spoke about keeping a relationship private and the right time to make it public. Well, you also wouldn’t want to miss her heartbreak playlist that has a special connection to Aditya Roy Kapur!

Ananya Panday speaks about keeping a relationship private

Ananya Panday as Ahana in Kho Gaye Hum Kahan was shown as a busy bee on social media, to give the impression that everything is right in life. Since everything was related to phones, we asked her about the right time to make a relationship official on social media. Speaking of which she said, “I think whenever the two people in the relationship feel comfortable about it. I don’t think there’s a formula that works for everyone. At the end of the day, even actors in their relationships are getting to know someone and they are figuring something out and they want to keep something for themselves in private, without a judgement of a third opinion and someone else commenting on it. So I think it’s like whatever works for you, That’s the best way to go about it.”

Ananya Panday speaks about ‘heartbreak playlist’

Furthermore, Ananya Panday opened up about dealing with heartbreaks and revealed a song from the ‘usual’ heartbreak playlist! Speaking about things she would do while dealing with a heartbreak, Ananya shared her idea of the same and said, “Eat ice cream, listen to Arijit Singh, watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…the usual.”

In the same context, Ananya Panday termed rumoured boyfriend Aditya Roy Kapur starrer Tumhi Ho from Aashiqui 2 as a song from the heartbreak playlist! She said, “Tumhi Ho is the usual heartbreak song which I think everyone in their life has listened to. That’s just the playlist of heartbreak I feel.”

Well, the candid chat did not just end here! Further in the interview, Ananya Panday also spoke about being stereotyped as a ‘glam girl’. She also revealed one character she would like to play onscreen.

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