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Jharkhand Chief Minister resigns amidst ED probe; Champai Soren Steps in as successor


In a significant turn of events, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has stepped down from his position amid an Enforcement Directorate (ED) investigation into a land scam money laundering case. This decision led to the selection of Champai Soren, the current Jharkhand transport minister, as the next chief minister.

The announcement was made by Jharkhand minister Banna Gupta, who informed reporters outside the Raj Bhavan about the Legislative Party’s choice of Champai Soren. The process involved submitting a request to the Governor for the upcoming oath ceremony.

Congress MLA Rajesh Thakur confirmed the resignation of CM Hemant Soren and the selection of Champai Soren as the new leader of the Legislative party. Thakur stated that all MLAs are in support of this decision. Additionally, JMM MP Mahua Maji assured that they have sufficient numbers for Champai Soren to assume the role of the Chief Minister. This transition occurred as Hemant Soren found himself in ED custody during the course of the investigation.

Champai Soren, who played a crucial role in the movement for the separate state of Jharkhand, emerged as the chosen leader after the incumbent Chief Minister’s resignation. The political developments unfolded swiftly, highlighting the dynamic nature of the situation.

As the ED officials began questioning Hemant Soren in Ranchi, the state capital, a high level of drama unfolded. The former CM’s residence saw increased security measures, and Section 144 was imposed in the surrounding areas. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha workers took to the streets, staging protests against the central agency’s actions.

Amidst these events, Soren took a bold step by filing an FIR against the ED personnel. The Chief Minister alleged that the ED’s search at his Delhi residence was conducted with the intention to harass and malign him and his entire community. Ranchi Senior Superintendent of Police Chandan Kumar Sinha confirmed the lodging of the FIR against some senior ED officials based on the application submitted by the Chief Minister. Soren expressed the emotional toll on him and his family due to the alleged acts committed by the ED.

The ED’s investigation and subsequent actions against Hemant Soren raised questions among his supporters. They argued that despite the Chief Minister’s cooperation during the ED questioning on January 20, he was summoned again within a week. This led to concerns about a deliberate attempt to defame Hemant Soren’s image and the government as a whole. The JMM supporters expressed their dissatisfaction with the repeated harassment faced by the Chief Minister.

The political landscape in Jharkhand faced turbulence with the sudden resignation of the Chief Minister and the subsequent selection of a new leader. Champai Soren, with his background in advocating for the creation of Jharkhand as a separate state, brings a distinct perspective to the role of Chief Minister.

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