Home Entertainment Kubbra Sait recalls people judging her for debuting with Salman Khan’s Ready

Kubbra Sait recalls people judging her for debuting with Salman Khan’s Ready

Kubbra Sait recalls people judging her for debuting with Salman Khan’s Ready

After making her debut in the 2011 movie Ready featuring Salman Khan, Kubbra Sait tasted fame with her character Cuckoo in Sacred Games. With multiple successes in her kitty in the last few years, she is among the most sought-after names in the industry. After impressing us with her stint in The Trial, she featured as a cop in Shehar Lakhot and received a thumbs-up for her performance. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, the actress spoke about people stereotyping her, not having work for 7 years, and the industry being biased.

Kubbra Sait on having 3 releases in 2023

Kubbra had 3 releases this year with Farzi, The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon, Dhokha and Shehar Lakhot. Talking about how she is enjoying this phase of her career, Kubbra avers, “I think I’m in one of the most grateful phases of my life, and it’s interesting especially when you’ve made your path on your own. It has taken a lot to get here. So, today to be able to do what I love to do, it’s a big blessing.”

On progress in female-centric films

Known to essay solid characters that own agency and are assertive, bold, and opinionated, Kubbra pointed out, “I think today what’s important is that we are evolving towards shooting women as who they are. I feel like there is a large part of us that needs to do bold things to survive in a patriarchal society and world. That’s the normalcy towards which we are progressing.“

About not having work post Ready

While her short yet prominent stint of a maid in Ready in 2011 got recognised, 7-years later with Sacred Games Kubbra Sait was seen in prominent role. Talking about not having work for those 7 years, the actress shared, “I never let myself get bogged down by what was not happening. The more you focus on the things that are not happening for you, the more you attract those things. Of course, things that don’t work for you set you back. But it’s really in your own power to see what’s working for you.”

‘Everyone told me that my career is over’: Kubbra Sait on debuting with Ready

During the chat, she also shared how she remained unfazed by people judging and stereotyping her for portraying certain characters. “People will tell what they have to say. When I debuted, everyone thought that my career is over and I would be stereotyped. Recently, I got a call from Dubai telling me that I should avoid doing more cop roles as I will be confined to that. I said i heard the same when I played a Maid in Ready and transgender in Sacred Games, but nothing that sort of happened. When I did my first film with Salman Khan, I said oh my god, work or no work, so do work. I had the same process of thinking when I did Sacred Games because it was work or no work. You need to create an opportunity out of what comes to you.”

Kubbra shares if the industry is biased toward outsiders

Kubbra got recognized quite late in her career. When we asked her if she feels the industry is biased and does nepotism have an impact, she asserted, “I don’t think the industry is biased. It’s all commerce. So how much can you rely on your craft and hope that the world is going to be fair?”

She believes that with discipline, one can achieve what they yearn for. “So when I came into this industry, I never wanted to be a lead actor because somewhere down the line I knew that I do not have the composition of it. Also, I didn’t know what it means to be an actor. I didn’t have formal education in acting and no formal knowledge of how things work in the city. If you know what you want to do in life, with disciplined, even in a profession that requires you to entertain or be in the public eye, one can move forward.”

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