Sunday, April 14, 2024

Spotify introduces Jam, a real-time playlist to listen with your friends


Get ready to redefine your musical experience with your friends! Spotify has introduced a new feature named Jam. The core idea behind Jam is to blend everyone’s musical taste into a common playlist. Unlike the old days, where a single person had the ultimate control over the music at parties or gatherings, Spotify’s Jam lets everyone contribute to the musical vibe. 

How Does Jam Work? 

The feature functions in real-time aiming to enhance the interaction and engagement among the participants. Here’s how you can start a Jam: 

  1. Click on the speaker icon or the three-dot menu.
  2. Select the option “Start a Jam”.
  3. You can start a Jam from any song, album, or existing playlist at your discretion.

Another interesting aspect of Jam is that it’s not confined to Spotify Premium users. Whether you have a free Spotify account or a premium one, you can add your favorites to the shared queue. However, starting a Jam can only be done by Spotify Premium subscribers. 

Inviting Your Friends to Your Jam Session 

Inviting other people to your Jam session is easy. All you need to do is: 

  • Tap your phones together with Bluetooth on.
  • Let your friends scan the QR code for the Jam from your phone.
  • Use the “share” feature to send a link over social media, iMessage, SMS, etc.

Also, people on the same shared Wi-Fi network will get a prompt to join the Jam as soon as they open their Spotify app. Up to 32 people can join a Jam session. 

Spotify Market Impact of Jam

In the wake of its recent price hikes, Spotify is hopeful that features like Jam could serve as an incentive for users to continue their paid subscriptions. The company reported a 17% year-on-year increase with 220 million subscribers in Q2 2023. However, the introduction of Jam could even trigger an increase in cancellations due to the recent price increase. But Spotify believes that these impacts would be insignificant as they articulated in their recent quarterly report. 

“The price increase would have ‘minimal impacts’ in Q3.”

The eagerly anticipated Jam will roll out to all Spotify users globally on September 26. Also, Spotify is rumored to introduce a new hi-fi tier with lossless audio for $20 per month, a significant increase from the existing $10.99 per month per user in the U.S. 

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