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Taylor Swift outshines Arijit Singh as the second-most followed Spotify artist


At the Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift made history by winning the Album of the Year award for the fourth time, a feat that no other performer had achieved before. This was a testament to her talent and popularity, which has only grown over the years. Her Eras Tour, which took her to different countries across the globe, was a massive success, with fans flocking to see her perform live and experience her music firsthand.

Adding to her already booming fanbase was her romantic affiliation with Travis Kelce, a player for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. This made her even more relatable to her fans, who admired her for her talent and also appreciated her personal life.

On the other hand, Indian singing sensation Arijit Singh has also become massively successful with his regular releases of soulful Hindi songs that have never failed to reach the hearts of millions. This has earned him the third most followed artist on Spotify, a remarkable achievement that reflects his talent and hard work.

Coincidentally, Arijit Singh beat Taylor Swift on Spotify a couple of months back by surpassing her to become the third most followed artist on the platform. This shows how competitive the music industry is and how artists are constantly striving to improve and reach new heights.

With Super Bowl fever in the air, Taylor Swift’s regular presence in her beau Travis Kelce’s football matches added to the American football craze and made her music resonate even more with a greater crowd. Football fans were seen sporting her Era’s Tour t-shirts, which only shows how much she has influenced pop culture and music in recent times.

Taylor’s immensely popular song, “Anti Hero”, has once again overtaken Singh to claim the high-ranking spot of the second-most followed Spotify artist. This demonstrates the power of her music and the appeal it has to people of all ages and backgrounds.

According to Spotify statistics, Ed Sheeran remains at the top with the most Spotify followers, a remarkable achievement that reflects his talent and popularity. As of February 11, Swift has 101,081,218 followers on Spotify, while Arijit Singh has 100,883,025 followers. Ed Sheeran, on the other hand, remains firmly at the top of the Most Followed Artists on Spotify chart with 113,404,496 followers. Ariana Grande trails in the fourth spot, followed by Billie Eilish, Drake, and Eminem.

The eleventh studio album by Taylor Swift, “The Tortured Poets Department,” will be out on April 19, 2024. Expected to display her talent and creativity in novel and captivating ways, fans are excitedly anticipating this album.

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