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iPhone 15 pro max witnesses high demand in India despite production challenges


The latest flagship smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is experiencing solid preorder numbers surpassing those of its predecessor, the 14 Pro Max. However, this popularity is not without its challenges, as the 15 Pro Max faces production difficulties causing delivery delays, reports suggest. 

Renowned tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shed light on these trends and challenges. Here’s a brief analysis of his insights: 

High Demand for iPhone 15 Pro Max 

Ming-Chi Kuo says, “The demand for the recently released iPhone 15 Pro Max is strong and surpasses that of the 14 Pro Max from the previous year.”

Interestingly, this surge doesn’t hold true for all models in the series. While the 15 Pro Max is seeing strong demand, the iPhone 15 Pro seems to be losing favor among consumers compared to its predecessor. Kuo suggests that customers seem to be more attracted to the high-end Pro Max iteration this year. 

Similar Demand for Regular Models 

On the flip side, Kuo notes that the regular iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models have a stable level of demand, comparable to last year’s iPhone releases. 

This indicates that Apple continues to experience consistent demand for its regular handset lines, even as the ‘Pro Max’ version takes center stage.


Production Challenges 

With high demand comes the challenge of meeting production targets. In this context, the 15 Pro Max faces an uphill task. 

According to Kuo, “the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which commenced mass production later than Apple’s other phone models, is encountering more significant manufacturing difficulties.”

These production issues seem to have led to delivery delays, extending into November for some regions, including the United States. This delivery lag appears particularly heightened for the 15 Pro Max relative to the rest of the iPhone lineup. 

Other Updates 

The Apple 15 series was introduced at Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ event on September 12, with preorders starting three days later. The phones will be available for purchase in India and worldwide markets from September 22. In addition to the new lineup, Apple is set to roll out the eagerly awaited iOS 17 update. This update, compatible with iPhones from the XS series and upwards, promises exciting new features including interactive widgets, standby mode, and contact posters, among others. In India, the iOS 17 update can be downloaded beginning at 10:30 pm IST today.

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