Home Technology Nvidia to Empower 50,000 Infosys Employees with Comprehensive AI Training

Nvidia to Empower 50,000 Infosys Employees with Comprehensive AI Training

Nvidia to Empower 50,000 Infosys Employees with Comprehensive AI Training

Nvidia, a leading American technology company, has announced its third major collaboration in India this month, following partnerships with Reliance and Tata Group. The latest alliance is with Infosys, one of India’s largest information technology (IT) services firms.

The collaboration aims to empower enterprises across industries with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) applications and solutions. It entails integrating comprehensive AI Enterprise platform into Infosys’ AI offerings. Additionally, Infosys plans to establish a dedicated Center of Excellence to train 50,000 of its employees on Nvidia’s AI technologies.

Generative AI, or GenAI in short, refers to a type of artificial intelligence that can generate new content on its own. GenAI models are trained on huge amounts of data to learn patterns and concepts. They can then use their learning to produce customized and original outputs like text, images, code, and more. Unlike traditional AI which focuses on analysis, GenAI can autogenerate ideas and creations.

GenAI can autonomously generate new content, insights, predictions, recommendations, and more. Prominent examples of GenAI models include large language models like GPT-4, Midjourney for generating images, and tools like GitHub Copilot that can suggest code.

NVIDIA previously partnered with Reliance and TCS

Earlier in September, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio) partnered with Nvidia to build an AI infrastructure in India. The goal is to develop a large language model optimized for GenAI applications that surpasses the computing power of India’s fastest supercomputer by over ten times.

Apart from Infosys, Nvidia recently announced an initiative to train over 600,000 employees of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in AI skills. The US chipmaker is collaborating with other Indian IT majors and universities as well to upskill students and employees in AI across the country.


Integrating AI Platforms

As part of the latest collaboration, it will integrate its full stack of AI products and services into Infosys’ AI offerings. This includes AI models, tools, runtimes as well as GPU-powered compute systems.

Infosys’ AI portfolio includes platform like Infosys Topaz. The integration with AI Enterprise platform will help Infosys build GenAI solutions tailored to enterprise needs. Clients across industries can then adopt these solutions to drive business value.

Leveraging Nvidia’s AI platforms and frameworks, Infosys aims to create various enterprise-grade AI applications – from computer vision and large language models to multilingual AI services – and make them accessible to clients via platforms like Video Analytics, Generative AI Labs, and Cortex as the demand and capabilities grow. This includes building computer vision solutions integrated with Nvidia’s Metropolis platform, customizable large language models using NeMo framework, and multilingual conversational AI services on Riva generative AI platform which clients across sectors can deploy through Infosys’ offerings.

Establishing Dedicated AI Training Facility

To develop GenAI expertise, Infosys plans to set up an Nvidia Center of Excellence. The facility will be dedicated to training and certifying 50,000 Infosys employees on Nvidia’s AI technologies.

Infosys currently employs the full-stack NVIDIA generative AI platform, encompassing hardware and enterprise-grade software, throughout its business operations. This platform assists customers in creating generative AI applications. The training will equip employees to create and implement GenAI applications for clients.

The Nvidia-Infosys partnership also focuses on developing solutions for digitalization applications using AI. Key areas include 3D workflows, design collaboration, digital twin creation, and world simulation.

Additionally, the companies are co-creating AI-driven solutions for telecom 5G, cybersecurity, energy transition, and more.

Boosting Productivity Through GenAI

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang stressed that GenAI will catalyze the next wave of enterprise productivity gains. Aims to rapidly advance its AI platform to serve as the foundation for GenAI across sectors.

Infosys Chairman Nandan Nilekani also highlighted that GenAI use cases can generate tremendous value for businesses. Infosys’ offerings built on Nvidia’s platform can help clients implement complex AI applications across operations.

The Nvidia-Infosys partnership is a major boost for AI innovation and adoption in India. By integrating Nvidia’s AI stack and training thousands of employees, Infosys can empower businesses to leverage GenAI and accelerate digital transformation.

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